Brittany Hudson has been working with dogs since she was a child. Below is a history, from her beginnings up to her current accomplishments in IGP and CKC dog sports and owning her own training center.


Her family always had farm dogs, but at age 8, she bought her very first dog of her own, a Golden Retriever named Sandy, and trained her every obedience trick in the book. When she graduated high school she bought her second dog, a Rottweiler named Sophia, who she trained to high level obedience but never competed due to crippling elbow and hip dysplasia early in Sophia's life. Before Sophia passed away at 6 years old, they earned her Canine Good Neighbor certificate, and a Security Dog Handler man/dog team certification. Sophia was a good rep for the Rottweiler breed as she did obedience demos, and joined Brittany when she talked to students in middle schools about animal careers. 

In 2012 she got Emmy vom Mack-Zwinger, a working line GSD who Brittany trained for Schutzhund, a dog sport which combines tracking, obedience and protection. They earned a BH and IPO1  title by the time Emmy was 2.5 years old under the dedicated coaching of Dr. Harry Alexander. 

Brittany then took a break from Schutzhund, and took a Beginner Agility training class with Darr Houssen with Emmy and also trained Emmy for frisbee, and mushing. 
Sadly, Emmy died of a rare cancer at 4 years old in 2016, 3 months before Sophia.

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Despite her bad luck with dogs, Brittany started over in August 2016 with Milo (CKC Bluestone's Here For a Reason), an English Cocker Spaniel, and together they earned his CGN at 14 months old, and their Rally Obedience Novice title at 17 months old with 2/3 High in Class scores, points totaling 285/300.

By 23 months old, Milo had earned his Advanced, Excellent, and Master level Rally title, with scores as follows: RA 97-97-99 RE 100-97-100 RM 99-97.5-100 and 11/12 High in Class ribbons. He held the highest average score in Canada for Rally Obedience. In May of 2018, he hit #1 English Cocker in Canada for Rally obedience, and #20 of all breeds in Canada for Rally. 

 In November 2018, they hit the obedience ring to earn Milos CD title in the same weekend at the Moncton Kennel Club, placing 1st place in all 3 trials, and earning 2 High In Trials! 

In May 2017 Brittany bought Rival von Ducasse, a sable working line GSD and is back into Schutzhund, her favorite sport. Brittany's whole training program became better when she attended her first seminar with Marko Koskensalo in fall of 2017. Because of his program, her understanding of learning theory and dog behavior developed so much further and her dog training results became so much more effective. Since then, Brittany has attended 4 more of Marko's seminars and plans to stay with his coaching. She highly recommends his Canemo program to any serious competitive dog people!

In May 2019, Brittany competed with BOTH dogs in the same Schutzhund trial to earn a BH title on both of them.

 Both passed with flying colors. 
Milo is the first English Cocker in Canada and possibly further, to pass a BH.

Milo also received a certificate in early 2019 that he had earned a CKC Top Rally Dog Award. He placed 2nd in Canada 2018 for most points earned by an English Cocker Spaniel.

In Nov 2019 Milo earned 2 legs of his CDX title with a High in Trial award for his scores, and got 1st in Canada for ECS in 2019 with a Top Obedience Dog Award.

Brittany also owns Sailor, an Australian Shepherd she got from a client, who she trains for fun in agility and obedience.

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In March 2021, Brittany got Boxey, a female working GSD, who will be her next Schutzhund dog. They continue to train and have fun as Boxey grows up!

Brittanys partner, Shane also got a puppy, Hilda, who is a half sister to Boxey, and is training her for IGP as well.

In June 2022, Brittany competed in the East Regional Schutzhund Championships with Rival, and earned his IGP1 with scores of 90-94-92 and first place in her division.

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Brittany continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars at least twice annually. She attributes all of her knowledge to her great coaches.

Other accomplishments Brittany has had:

-Completed basic training in working with protection dogs

-Demonstrated obedience and personal protection dog training at SPCA Dog Jog 2011

-Demonstrated advanced obedience and Schutzhund/IPO protection work at the Jour de Canine (Dieppe) 2014 with Sophia & Emmy

-Certified in Canine First Aid & CPR