(Copper variety)

Black Copper Marans are a beautiful dual purpose breed originating from France, best known for their russet brown eggs. Marans (always spelled with an "s" on the end, even when speaking in singular) come in many colors, but the Copper variety is known as the darkest layers, and the most popular.

 In the Marans world, an egg below a 4 on the Marans of America egg chart is not a true Marans. This is the staple feature in the breed. I never hatch eggs from hens that lay eggs that consistently do not pass on the Marans of America color chart, no matter how nice she is. 

*Note: It is not uncommon for a Marans to occasionally "run low on ink" and the eggs will be lighter here and there, 

and especially before the hen nears the end of her cycle before her molt.

Its also common that hens first eggs will be lighter than eggs after she gets laying for an amount of time.*

Though we all love the novelty of these dark brown eggs, what is rare is a BCM with good "type."
I've brought in some of the best lines from BC and AB in 2017 to focus on breeding quality birds. I strive to breed to the standard and breed only those who have both great type AND lay dark eggs.
Out of 10 Marans, you may only get one nice prospect for breeding, 

with all the factors that go into a quality Black Copper bird bred to standard. 

With their curious, calm nature, they are a great backyard bird that will give you beautiful eggs, but don't expect them to supply you year-round. They also suffer from frostbite easily on their combs and wattles.

Breeding quality group -1 blue copper and 2 black copper hens + 1 blue copper male $275