Why is private training so important?

You might think you want to jump right into a group class. But the importance of private training cannot even be explained. 

Each dog and handler are unique. Every dog and handler NEED different programs and have different issues. 

Though group classes are amazing, and critical to creating a dog who is safe and controlled in public situations, private lessons give you time to talk one on one with the trainer, discuss your individual issues, get the individual help that isn't always available in a group, and discuss things that aren't covered in a group class. It also gives you the opportunity to get set up with the right equipment, knowledge, and tools to implement and prepare for the group environment. 

Our rates are currently $60/hr for the following:

Basic obedience

E-collar/off-leash training
Competitive obedience training for Rally, CKC, Agility or Schutzhund 

For certain behavioral modification, we require an initial consultation either online or in person.

Online consult: $60

In person consult/evaluation: $80

After the consult, we can then give you pricing and options to proceed forward.

We will also give you an estimate of how many sessions your dog will need, or what will be required to get your dog manageable.

Things that require an initial consult:

Reactivity on leash

Dog aggression

Human aggression

Fear aggression
Resource guarding


Protection evaluation: $120/session

 (session length varies depending on the dog, and includes a portion of obedience)

 Dog must have an obedience evaluation and be deemed stable 

and under control to proceed to protection work.
Typically, this would mean a few private lessons for obedience to prepare the dog and handler for protection training.

Prices subject to change at anytime.