Paint Silkies

Paint Silkies are a new color of Silkie that was just accepted into the APA. They are white with black patches.

Paints are not to be confused with "splash" which are from BBS lines are carry different genetics. They should never be bred together.

Silkies lay a small light brown egg. They are bantam sized birds, with soft fluffy bodies. They're calm, curious, and make great pets. They easily go broody and are good mothers. Silkies do well with other Silkies. Use caution when housing them with other breeds, but it can be done with good-tempered flocks. Best success is when they are raised with the other breeds. Keep feathers around eyes trimmed if housing with non-Silkie breeds. 

Note: When we breed paints we don't get all paint chicks. We will also get some solid blacks and some solid whites, and the odd blue if one paint parent is actually a blue paint (which we try to weed out.) Be aware that when you order hatching eggs, there's no control over colors that hatch. You will get a mix of paints, blacks, blues, or whites. When you order chicks, you will also get a random selection of colors. I cannot control colors that hatch out of the eggs so I sell the chicks as they hatch.

Be aware Paint Silkies are currently at the pet quality level. My Paints are some of the nicest I have seen but that being said, they are a constant work-in-progress and I am constantly striving to get them better. Things like pigment holes on feet are common in paint chicks and which is why we often breed paint to blacks. Many paint chicks also hatch with light skin which darkens after a few weeks. If it stays light, they should not be used for breeding.