Terms & Conditions



*NOT taking orders for pullets*

Minimum order: 4 chicks, for chicks health. When you get 2 or 3 chicks, many times they don't thrive. They are social animals. They need warmth, company, and they also need the other chicks to learn social skills. They also encourage each other to eat/drink.

I care about my chicks having an easy transition to their new home. For this reason, I never sell day old chicks. Every chick is at least 2-3 days old when it leaves my care, to ensure there are no weak chicks or physical flaws. For bio-security reasons, I cannot take chicks back, but if a chick dies within 24 hours of purchase I will refund or replace. Proof of death is required.

I believe in breeder support, and I care about my birds long after they leave here, so if ever there is any questions at any time in their life, please contact me.


There is no guarantee on hatching eggs as there are too many variables involved. I can ship across Canada or local pick-up is an option as well. On shipped eggs, 50% hatch is considered a good hatch, although I have seen as good as 98% hatch from my shipped EE eggs before! But oftentimes, things like extreme cold temps during shipping, rough handling, and incubator issues effect hatch rates, and it happens that a very poor hatch can result. This is not my responsibility once the eggs leave my hands.

E-transfer or cash accepted. Eggs are shipped XpressPost or Expedited, and very well-packed.

Once I get confirmation of your payment, I will ship your package and you will receive a tracking number.

Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer.

A lot of care and preparation goes into hatching eggs.

Birds from the breeding pens are healthy and vigorous, and have been separated from other breeds for at least 4-6 weeks, to guarantee pure blood. Eggs are promptly gathered before they freeze, and are gently placed in a carton, and labelled accordingly. Only the strongest eggs with good shells, color and shape are selected for sale. All eggs are fresh and well-packaged.

My priority is for you to have a successful hatch with my eggs.